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Bears, Whales, and Fjords

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*Remember: wildlife is wild life, so when it comes to stuff like whales and bears, these ratings show the likelihood of seeing those things as opposed to a guarantee. But that’s nature for ya – and who would want it any other way?
Anan Bear Preserve, Wrangell Narrows, Fredrick Sound, Admiralty Island , Edicott Arm, Auk Bay
This trip will begin with an exploration of native culture, as a Tlingit elder tells us stories and shows us around the Chief Shakes Longhouse in Wrangell. Traditionally a logging town, Wrangell has yet to succumb to the commercialized tourism that plagues other towns in Southeast Alaska. Our first day brings us partially around the southern end of Wrangell Island to the mouth of Anan Creek. Anan Creek is home to a US Forest Service Wildlife Observatory, where we hope to spend a day watching Black and Brown Bears feeding on Pink salmon.
From there, we will head north and transit Wrangell Narrows and enter Fredrick Sound, the summer home of hundreds of humpback whales, and one of the only places in the world where it is possible to witness the humpback specific group feeding style of bubble-net feeding.
Departing Fredrick Sound, we will continue north into Stevens Passage and navigate the icy fjords of Endicott Arm. The grandeur of this area is spectacular – imagine shear granite cliffs extending a thousand feet vertically from the sea into the sky. Here, we will wind our way through ice to the face of a tidewater glacier, where we can kayak among icebergs and watch the massive glacier calve into the sea and/or take a hike on the granite cliffs. In the later afternoon the Snow Goose will drop anchor near Fords Terror, described by John Muir as the “Yosemite of Alaska”, will highlight this journey.
Departing Fords Terror will continue north toward Auk Bay, then the capital of Alaska. After an evening anchorage, passengers will disembark with opportunities to explore a multitude of hiking trails and experience the largest city in SE Alaska.
All routes are subject to adjustment and change at the captain's discretion and the ability to obtain the proper access permits. This includes US Forest Service and Glacier Bay National Park permits. Passports are required for entry into Canada, and previous DUI convictions may prevent entry.
We are an equal opportunity provider and employer, operating on the Tongass National Forest under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service.