Captain Dan - Skipper & Owner

Captain Dan

A graduate of Environmental Education, Dan has interpreted the environment as a naturalist in Baja, Maine, Puget Sound, and Alaska for 14 years. After teaching math and science in the classroom for 10 years he combined his skills and purchased the Snow Goose. As captain and owner, Dan continues his love for education with students and adults by operating the Snow Goose in the Puget Sound and Alaska. 8-years working on the Snow Goose.
Phil Mulligan - First Mate & Chef

Phil Mulligan

I’ve always enjoyed the art and creativity of cooking and sharing that passion with others. Working with local foods as a sous chef and executive chef I have established restaurant and farmer relations all over the country and now as an Alaskan cook I can share my talents with people globally. I’m eager to share my 10 years working in the restaurant business from front and back of the house operations and establishing personal and culinary relationships with people traveling on the Snow Goose.
RJ Rex - Naturalist

RJ Rex

RJ grew up in Minnesota. There he earned a degree in classical guitar performance while working part time as a naturalist for the parks. Then he moved to Washington to explore the Cascade Mountains via hiking boots and backcountry ski.

Now he has an Earth Science teaching endorsement and works for a variety of outdoor education programs, including the Snow Goose Marine educational program. He knows all the details of the Snow Goose that make her operate smoothly and is always ready for an adventure.
Kari Wallace - Chef

Kari Wallace

When Kari came to the Snow Goose she immediately began showing her artistic flair in the galley. She has been working on and loving boats since her first experiences in South America. Her love for surfing and skills in the kitchen has opened up many opportunities of travel – from Central America to Hawaii and Alaska.

Sea-cooking has been her passion for almost a decade now, putting love, grit and compassion into every meal. “I just love getting a big fat hug from someone who is happy with what they eat.”
Emilie Stift - Chef

Emilie Stift

Emilie grew up going back and forth between the beautiful Pacific Northwest and the equally lovely Ozark mountains. Good food and cooking were always a huge part of life. She began working in restaurants as a teenager, finding the best chefs in town to work under and absorb knowledge from. As part of her culinary education Emilie has spent time working as a butcher, a specialty baker, fine dining chef, breakfast cook and even as a farm laborer. She has almost 10 years of experience preparing food that tastes good and makes people happy. When not cooking she is busy raising a daughter, growing her own food and adventuring in the wilderness of Washington & Oregon.
Molly Elder - Naturalist

Molly Elder

Molly spent her early years swimming in the salty surf and rowing around the craggy coasts of Maine. She graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Environmental Education with a focus on Marine Ecology. She's worked aboard the Snow Goose as a Marine Science Educator in Bellingham since 2011 and has been part of the Alaska program since 2015. She enjoys foraging for wild foods and medicines, kayaking in San Juan Island sunsets, rafting the wild waters of the Western United States and just simply plucking on her ol' banjo. The Cascade Mountains and the Salish Sea will always hold that feeling of home, but Alaska is most certainly her home away from home. She is looking forward to exploring the wings, tails, fins, paws, flowers, foliage, gills and thrills of Southeast Alaska with you!
Jason Frankle - First Mate

Jason Frankle

Jason’s interest in the seas started on the cayes of Belize in 2008 when he and his wife bought land and built and developed a grocery store. He learned the shallow waters in Belize on his own boat. In 2011, he learned to sail and began working as a catamaran captain for a sailing charter company in Belize. After several years as a sailing captain, Jason returned to Bellingham where he and his wife call home. Upon acquiring his USCG 100 ton license, Jason began working on Snowgoose as the first mate.
When he isn’t out on the water, Jason can be found riding his dirt bike, kiteboarding, skiing, fishing and mountain biking.
Jason brings his love of travel, fishing and life adventures to each of his charters and is always good sharing a good travel story!
Paul Brown - Captain

Paul Brown

Paul has been working on boats in coastal Alaska and the Pacific Northwest for more than 15 years, and has worked as a captain aboard the Snow Goose since 2006. A career captain, Paul has made a life out of exploring the nooks and crannies of one of the worlds most interesting and challenging coast lines. From Puget Sound to the North Gulf Coast of Alaska, Paul’s “second home” is one which he loves to share with the guests and crew aboard the Snow Goose. When not working in the northern waters, Paul along with his wife Laurel, own and operate a vegetable farm located in Hood River, Oregon. Fortunately, she lets him loose for part of their summers to run trips in Alaska. An Oregon native and an Alaskan captain, Paul loves to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for the coastline.
Bethany Hasper - Naturalist

Bethany Hasper

Alaska’s wilderness holds a special place in Bethany’s heart. Since visiting as a young girl, she always knew she would return. After obtaining a degree in Environmental Education from Western Washington University, she packed up her car and moved to inland Alaska, to the wilds of Denali. Since then, she has moved back to the Pacific Northwest, but returns to Alaska yearly to explore, share and inspire others to love this amazing place. Bethany cannot wait to give all those who join her aboard the Snow Goose a truly spectacular experience in Southeast Alaska while teaching about its remarkable flora and fauna.
Nick Ferber - Chef

Nick Ferber

Nick grew up on the Oregon coast but a love of travel soon got his feet on the road and the realization that no matter where he went people had to eat got him cooking at a very early age. Working as a line cook, fry cook, desert maker, bread baker, dishwasher, donut henchmen, bagel goon and oyster shucker he realized that no matter what it was he liked making it almost as much as he liked eating it. This will be the third ship he has cooked on and he has no interest in going back to a normal kitchen. If you have a hankering for something in perticular or want a recipe please feel free to ask away, sharing is what foods all about.