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Glacier Bay Adventure

Capt. Rene
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*Remember: wildlife is wild life, so when it comes to stuff like whales and bears, these ratings show the likelihood of seeing those things as opposed to a guarantee. But that’s nature for ya – and who would want it any other way?
Bartlett Cove, Glacier Bay National Park, Icy Strait
The waters here are icy cold and the air is crisp and clear. Glacier Bay is a National Park and affords all the protections that come with such status. Wildlife abounds within the bay, which makes this gem an exceptional place to explore via kayak from the ‘mothership’ without the disturbance of motorized vessels.

Since Glacier Bay has just recently emerged from the ice, it is considered a geologically young area. A trip up Glacier Bay is like a trip back in time. Old growth forests give way to bare rock as we make our way back into the upper reaches of the bay. Here, the tidewater glaciers still rumble and roar as they make their slow retreat back, dropping huge icebergs into the sea. Magnificent granite cliffs tower above our small ship as we wind our way up the fjord through the ice floes towards the faces of these massive glaciers. Along the way, our expert naturalist and guide will point out the finer points of plant succession, glaciations’, local geology, and the interconnectedness of the animals that call this area home. The biodiversity of this place is simply amazing.

Passengers will board the Snow Goose at the Park Service Dock in Bartlett Cove, Glacier Bay – a short taxicab ride from the town of Gustavus. Following lunch and a brief safety and crew orientation we will set sail into Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. For the next 6 days we will cruise, kayak, and hike this magnificent gem of our National Park System. On the 6th day, we will venture outside of Glacier Bay proper into Icy Straits towards the Gulf of Alaska where humpback whales come in droves. There, we get the prospect to view sea lions and humpback and later hike lush islands and get a taste of the open seas. If time allows, we will visit the small protected community of Elfin Cove with its boardwalks and small community store.

Evenings will bring secluded anchorages with time to reflect and share a delicious meal prepared by our Chef in the galley. Many evenings will offer time to quietly explore the shores by kayak or slowly motoring along in the skiff. It's amazing how much can be seen and heard along the shores in the quiet evening time. Before bed, the Captain will bring out the charts to review the happenings of the day, and to make a plan for the following day. We keep the schedule incredibly flexible to allow for adaptation to the multitude of variables that can be encountered along the way.
All routes are subject to adjustment and change at the captain's discretion and the ability to obtain the proper access permits. This includes US Forest Service and Glacier Bay National Park permits. Passports are required for entry into Canada, and previous DUI convictions may prevent entry.
We are an equal opportunity provider and employer, operating on the Tongass National Forest under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service.